About White Seagull


WHITE SEAGULL is focused on creating automated and secured IP Network Management Solutions, Network Provisioning Solutions and Mobile Applications for small and large enterprises, service providers, and telecom carriers, reducing cost and providing superior capabilities and with the flexibility, modularity, and ease to apply, scale, integrate, and modify solutions to continually meet evolving operational and business objectives.


In so doing, our products and solutions are changing the face of the NMS and Provisioning industries and creating a new generation of IT network management and network provisioning solutions utilizing smartphone and Tablet devices to drive and advance operational efficiency and user experience in running and deployment of advanced Network services. 

To enable us to deliver our solutions with greater capability and enhanced functionality than exits today; we have developed an Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) service type framework. This complements the widely known Network Management System Model (NMS) centered on the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI), the "FCAPS" model. 

We have developed IMMS to be the next layer of services to complement the Industry’s FCAPS NMS model in a Smartphone and Tablet environments.

WS provides a unique per project headhunting and recruiting services to find prospects that possess a unique or hard-to-find skillset to fill close job openings to companies.

The obvious goal of a typical NMS is to identify faults before and when they occur in real-time, and to try to reduce costly failure times by providing Network administrators with the opportunity to resolve problems earlier and faster. If done correctly; this would serve to reduce overall IT failure times and slowdowns contributing to improved employee productivity, and the lowering of overhead costs.


NMS built on an IMMS foundation will guarantee a quicker Return On Investment (ROI).