Security Solutions

IMMS, SISL, and White Seagull Application combined provides for a complete management system to give network Administrators the flexibility to build what they need and according to their specific network and business objectives.

One critical area that could keep administrators up all night is network Security holes and Security threats. Determining the methods by which their network and operations can become compromised or disrupted is essential in today’s businesses.
This is the first step in ensuring that business-critical information is protected from data corruption, loss, or interception. Detecting and testing for well-known attacks and vulnerabilities is essential to an overall risk management strategy that those businesses need to mitigate risks by eliminating suspicious traffic activities and insider abuse of network privileges.
Our White Seagull solution could readily be used to do either or both of the following Security management activities:
  • Assess and detect very common and unfortunately highly successful Security attacks. To learn more click here.
  • Build and implement Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that faithfully implements many of the security requirements contained within the ISO17799 standard. To learn more click here.