Information Exchange Management


White Seagull provides a Management Infrastructure for ISPs, Carriers, and Enterprises alike to build proprietary management processes using White Seagull as a comprehensive tool for that purpose and to share a subset of the data collected by those processes with other ISPs, Carriers, and Enterprises. 



White Seagull allows for Users and administrator owners of different Autonomously Managed Zones (AMZs), on the same -or on different- networks to share the same SNMP collected management data prompted in turn by certain management scripts. This in fact is made possible by White Seagull’s storing of each  management process data independently from that of other management processes data in the database; providing predetermined Users with the ability to share this process specific “Data” among those Users of the collaborating White Seagull servers will be made possible through a Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) type bus.

It is important to highlight here with an example: Take User “Joe” who is a ZoneAdmin of Zone “Tokyo” on White Seagull server “A” could share his results from running a management process called “QoSStats” and stored its collected data in “QoSStatsReportData” pool with User “Mike” whom himself is a ZoneAdmin of Zone “London” on White Seagull server “B”.

It suffices to highlight that it is not the actual database table that is shared or accessed by the different Users whom could be either on similar or on different White Seagull servers; but rather the XML data representation of the table. Database tables are not shared or accessed by anyone for security reasons.

The end result of this is that White Seagull facilitates the exchange of ON-NET management information by addressing security, reliability, and operational issues of IP management information exchanges, allowing different organizations to participate in the revenue-settlement of delivering performance monitoring and guaranteed SLAs across multiple carriers.

Large Enterprises with global presence could finally have a truly centralized management solution. ISPs, Carriers could finally be able to address the issue of “connecting services between carriers" and the much needed opening up of IP management systems between Service Providers as such trends of management systems are proving ever clearly itself to guarantee competitive advantage.

White Seagull is designed to address user demands for services that span multiple networks, it caters to a new IP management information exchanges emerging to deliver mediation services like revenue settlement and performance monitoring across multiple carriers.