Market Research


IP Managers are saying:

“Connecting services between carriers is a nice concept, but there is security, reliability, and operational issues that must be addressed before we can consider opening up our IP management systems to other service providers.”


Facts & Key Takeaways from NMS industry market research:

Network Administrators have been forced to build proprietary management tools using complex programming algorithms and starting from scratch continuously. They are forced to do so due to any or all of the following:

  • Currently available IP management tools in the market today lack scalability in terms of how much management traffic is loading Networks unnecessarily. Core devices have been over loaded and even forced to crash due to excessive and uncontrolled polling by currently and widely available management tools.
  • Currently available IP management tools don’t conform to the basic operational norms in statistics collection and reporting. A single erroneous point could throw a graph out of scale rendering the graph useless. Any small modification could be expensive and very hard to fix as the Vendor has to be contacted and bugs have to be filed and this will never be fixed!
  • Currently available IP management tools doesn’t give the network administrators the much needed flexibility and control to perform any Management Policy Provisioning where different Policies provisioning per logical subset of managed elements and/or topologies could be applied.
  • Critical Management information cannot be transmitted over unsecured WAN links. SNMP Communities are simply in plain text and it is risky to manage devices even within campus without the security of SNMPv3. alternatives are expensive and difficult to implement and maintain.

This in fact explains why many IP Managers are referring to many NMS application products from many different vendors as ‘Nice interface windows (GUI interfaces!) to a very narrow and limited view of the network’. What they need is the tools to control this window to their networks with the ability to span and zoom in/out of the network view. They also need the tools to setup their own different windows to different pieces of their perspective networks and not the NMS vendor’s view!

Another fact is that Network Administrators of Internet Service Providers and large Enterprises  have refrained from opening up their IP management systems to other service providers. Yet they acknowledge that IP management systems are needed to increase revenue and create differentiation. Network Administrators look for these IP management systems to provide the competitive advantage for ISP’s, carriers and Enterprises alike.