About White Seagull Application

White Seagull application is an Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) application being developed today. While it is based on the NMS Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security Management model (FCAPS model) and supports the standardized Message protocols for transferring management information; the industry standard SNMP Protocol to poll Network devices and the more proprietary implementations of the XML, CLI, and HTTP Protocol access to Network devices.


White Seagull uniquely focuses on managing the human resource activities, tasks, and planning that pertains to the overall network administration; classifying and reporting on those activities, tasks, and plans in terms of criticality allows for increasingly efficient and clear monitoring of network events leading to effective administrative decision-making as well as troubleshooting.

White Seagull is an IP management system that ensures the creation of a solid foundation for growth by reducing provisioning cycles, enhancing billing capabilities, and increasing customer satisfaction.

It is a management system that gives customers the flexibility to buy what they need and according to their specific network and business objectives. With a client-server access model and a desktop as well as a browser-based access to provisioning systems, service providers and their customers will be able to establish a new link or modify existing capacity in five minutes or less. Its pervasive management penetration, wide data control and availability, scalable vectors provide a high production network management quality.



Using White Seagull allows for a Web experience that is more attractive, more compelling, and compatible with more browsers than with any other Web based solution available in the industry today.

  • SISL Language Definition
  • AMZ Definition
  • SNMP MIB Views
  • Secured Management 
  • User Levels and Roles 
  • Real-Time Journal Reports 
  • Components Definition 
  • Data Integrity 
  • Threshold Management
  • Trend Management