Beta Solutions Program



How to qualify your Site to any of our Management Solutions?


Our Beta solution program is aimed at site owners who are actively searching for specialized and appropriate network management solutions for their own IT infrastructure.



 We realized that selecting a suitable network management solution is typically challenging and sometimes seems practically impossible due to: total non-availability of desired network management solutions in the market today; available solutions offer limited functionality or lack reliability; or available solutions do not meet business and/or operational requirements of the target site.


Sites that qualify for this program will receive our support and commitment to build and deploy those solutions on customer sites and in full production packaging completely FREE OF CHARGE.



To qualify your Site to any of our White Seagull’s professional plus product package based solutions; just contact us at:






To qualify your site, or if you would like to suggest a specific SISL based management solution for us to package for you, you will need to provide us with all or most of the following information:

  • Site Network Size in terms of how many devices, users, or lines of certain type as relevant to the solution you wish to implement.
  • Description of why you think a package or a solution is important to your operations.
  • Willingness to share with our development engineers performance as well as the management information collected.
  • Willingness to use your site as a reference for the particular solution being evaluated.



Note: the management solutions currently available for the Beta program are listed in our solutions centre ' s White Seagull Technology Management Solution Presentations