Networks Security & Electronic Information Defense


About Our Security Solutions

Our Networks Security & Electronic Information Defense - provides advanced security solutions for small, medium and large businesses and organizations; bringing a new Services concept to the regional market on Network, Information, and Host Computer Security Services and Solutions.


Our Services are geared to protect from threats and vulnerabilities that may compromise your system’s Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. 
White Seagull has a team of consultants and highly qualified technical engineers who are capable of understanding customers’ security needs in order to ensure that the right service or technology solution is delivered to meet those needs.
White Seagull firmly believes that in order to deliver a solution, it must be capable of a range of advanced services that are based on best practice. With this in mind White Seagull has a team of highly qualified and accredited professionals including Juniper, Cisco, Symantec, SCP and Microsoft certified.
White Seagull Solutions - Key Customers 
  • Aviation Sections.
  • Education Sections.
  • Health.
  • Energy.
  • Industrial.
  • Real Estate. 

White Seagull Solutions - Key Partners
  • Juniper.
  • Symantec.
  • OS Monitor.
  • PTP Encryption.
  • Unistal Systems.
White Seagull Solutions - Core Business
  • Security Assessment Test Service – Ethical Hacking Service.
  • Penetration Testing Service – Ethical Hacking Service.
  • Security Auditing and Compliance.
  • Network Defense and Counter Measures.
  • Data Encryption and Email Encryption.
  • Critical System Protection.
  • Security Monitoring and Control. 
White Seagull Solutions – Team Qualifications
About Security Solutions and Assessment
White Seagull uniquely focuses on managing the human resource activities, tasks, and planning that pertains to the overall network security administration; offering Services for classifying and reporting on those activities, tasks, and plans in terms of criticality allows for increasingly efficient and clear assessment and refinement of network and information Security leading to effective administrative decision-making as well as mitigation of security threats. 
White Seagull Security Services ensures the creation of a solid foundation for growth by reducing Security provisioning cycles, enhancing protection capabilities, and increasing customer satisfaction by closely meeting the Customer ' s Objectives rather than thrusting a catalogue into their hands! Learning Customer operations, needs, market and end-customers, we design, tailor, develop and supply a complete security services and solutions that cover their security needs.
About Security Solutions and Assessment
Through our Defense in Depth Strategy and our Layered Security Approach; White Seagull protects systems and resources across the key Security Objective Layers for Hardening the Infrastructure, Network Defense, and Security policies and procedures. 
How we work
Our Security Provisioning Cycle traces through the following steps:
1.       Analysis:  
Involves classification of target system and information. Such classification enables us to define the most critical systems and information to protect.
2.       Planning:  
Depending on the output of the analysis, we start to plan the security procedures and tools that are most suitable to the environment and business.   
3.       Design:  
The architecture is established with security best practices in mind. 
4.       Implementation:  
Services are delivered to our end-customer business.
5.       Testing and Training: 
Testing configured solutions and provides training to staff.
6.       Follow Up: 
Provide a Scheduled customer visits and 24/7 Support for our solutions.
Ethical Hacking Service/ Security Assessment Test which is offered by White Seagull Solutions is being carried manually, that what differentiate White Seagull Solutions from others.
White Seagull - Advanced Security Services
External Security Assessment Test
  • Remotely evaluating the security of a computer system/network by simulating an attack from the internet from a hacker perspective, tests will not result a down time on the tested system. Only Safe checks will be deployed.
  • External Security Assessment is a process that consists of number of procedures to gather and examine information and/or objects (resources) related to specific target information or object by taking into account all imaginable scenarios to acquire such resources but within the pre-determined, legal owner approved, scope.
  • Security Assessment is not a product or a button that can be pressed, White Seagull Solutions carries security assessment test manually using more than 200 open source tool, each test for a single IP/ System address took between 7 to 10 days of full time testing procedures.
Internal Security Assessment Test
  • Evaluating the security of a computer system/network by simulating an attack from an Insider perspective, all Systems that is classified as level 1 – Critical Systems will be tested.
  • Internal Security Assessment is not a product or a button that can be pressed, White Seagull Solutions carries security assessment test manually using more than 200 open source tool, each test for a single Network/ branch took between 20 to 30 days of full time testing procedures.
Requirements for Security Assessment Test Service:
  • Signing the Security Assessment Test Agreement.
Security Assessment Test Service program outcomes:
  • Threats and Vulnerability within the tested system, which includes Risk Severities (High, Medium and low).
  • Proof of Vulnerability (Security Assessment report contains screenshots and links for risks within the tested system).
  • Recommended Solutions for each risk discovered.
  • Confidential and Non Confidential Files collected from the tested system. (If Founded).
  • Security Assessment Test report is encrypted, password will be send to a registered phone number to only authorized personals within the customer.
  • Report will contain the security Assessment Test originating IP addresses, in order to allow the Customer’s Security Incident Response team to trace back the testing IP address on the Firewall and IPS logs.


End User Protection
Using security products which combined endpoint security, messaging security and backup & recovery to create a protected endpoint and messaging environment which provides an Unmatched defense against threats for Servers, Desktops and Laptops as well as controlling the access to corporate networks, enforce endpoint security policy and integrate with existing network infrastructure. 

Security Monitoring and control solution
  • Forbid and restrict, monitor and control. All settings are done on Server by administrator and all the Clients get the settings automatically. You won ' t do setting on the Clients one by one. It is so easy for you to manage and monitor your company PCs.
  • Security Monitoring Solution doesn ' t have any special demand for computer when installed, and doesn ' t have any demand for network structure and placement.
  • Block All chatting tools. Security Monitoring Solution can block ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Message, AIM and Peer to peer to prevent from usage of bandwidth. 
  • Security Monitoring Solution will restrict company PCs from using USB ports and USB storage devices in order to prevent confidential information from leaking out. 
  • Block installation. Security Monitoring Solution can block software installation and game program or all programs you don ' t want to run. You can customize your employee ' s computer to run programs related with work, for example, you can allow your employee ' s computer only run Word or Excel, in that case, other programs are not allowed running. 
  • Security Monitoring Solution can monitor and record network card flow of every computer in real time. All the data are saved for your later reviewing.\
  • All the monitor and block options could be customized. You can easily take control of the whole LAN through giving different employees different rights.
  • Security Monitoring Solution can record all windows your employee’s open, programs they are running, URLs they visit and chatting conversations as ICQ.  
In Order to configure this solution, business owners needs an acceptable use policy to be signed by employees, on which each employee have to understand the threats that could cost business time and money, we offer a professional and a complete acceptable use policy for employees and business.    

Security Awareness newsletter
Designed to educate users on the appropriate use, protection and security of information, individual user responsibilities and ongoing maintenance necessary to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information assets, resources and systems from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption.
A monthly security Awareness newsletter will be sent to our customers for employee’s awareness of IT Security, which will help in raising awareness about IT security, as well as protecting company from social engineering attack which finds the opportunity in human good nature.

Security Consulting Service 
Our goal is to secure your network and data on all operational layers within your business, our security consultants will provide your Business with valuable recommendations to achieve this goal.  
Review security architecture and mitigate the risks.
Review and/or create and enforce security policies 

Security Auditing and Compliance

This service aims to gather information regarding the current security standards and procedures on customers Infrastructure. It includes Security Architecture auditing that will attempt to check the current security configuration within customers Infrastructure. 

System Classification Service
System Classification Service includes Classifying all servers, PC’s, security and Network devices on customers infrastructure to one of three main levels: 
       Level 1 (Critical Systems).
       Level 2 (Important Systems).
       Level 3 (Regular Systems).
Depending on the classifications issued by NetSed Solutions, a Security Standard configuration document will be provided to customers Authorized personals to maximize the protection of each classified System, Security Standard Configuration Document includes recommendations regarding the best solution to be configured on each classified system depends on systems’ criticality and importance.

Customized Security Policies and Procedures

- Security Policies and Procedures instruct users, employees and partners on how to use customers’ assets and resources on a secure and responsible way. 

- Security policy addresses constraints on functions and flow among them, constraints on access by external systems and adversaries including programs and access to data by people.  

- Security policies and Procedures includes the following policies: 

  • Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Acceptable Encryption Policy.
  • Asset Classification Policy.
  • Information Classification Policy.
  • Email Policy.
  • Ethics Policy.
  • Email Retention Policy.
  • Information System Audit.
  • Information Sensitive Policy.
  • Incident Response Team Policy.
  • Password Policy.
  • Personal Communication Device Policy.
  • Remote Access Policy.
  • Risk Assessment Policy.
  • Security Awareness Policy.
  • Wireless Communication Policy.
  • Server policy.
  • Workstation Policy.
  • System Documentation Policy.
  • Employee Agreement Policy.
  • Other Customized Policies as required.

White Seagull Market References

Starting Its’ operation on Mid of 2011, White Seagull Solutions has executed and delivered more than 15 Ethical Hacking projects in different markets, Our customer list includes over 20 satisfied customers from various sectors, White Seagull have worked with a high end customers on which some of these customers can’t be mentioned due to confidentiality agreement.
  • Jordan Engineers Association.
  • Jordan Aviation.
  • Sundays for Travel.
  • Universal Labs.
  • Al-Rai Newspaper.
  • Allied Application Group.
  • Balqa’a Applied University.
  • Mutah University.
  • Yarmouk University.
  • Khaberni Digital Media Company.
  • Sport for All LTD Company.
  • …Much More