Mobile SMS & LBS Solutions


White Seagull N1Com allows end-users to logically group information on user ' s assets and activities and other Location Of Interest (LOIs) etc. where location is a variable for enabling true LBS services.



Users can logically group assets, activities and LOIs in communities where they can share with other collaborating users. All location of interests, Asset and Activities belonging to a community act as an inventory within the community with each LOI having its own "Profile" that includes its details, information and operations.

Our current list of standalone (non cloud) LBS community solutions:


  • MyConnection - N1Com [عنوانكم - اتصالاتي]


Operating Details:

The first-time Tool user needs to "Sign Up" first following the installation of the Tool to define a local user and password; then either use or create a new Community by clicking on the "Create Community" button to fill-in the Community Name and Details fields. Multiple Communities are supported at the same time to meet and to enhance user preferences in viewing Locations per Community.

From the created list of Communities the user can access a defined default or new Communty to generate a Map where they can apply a long touch on the screen on the location of the place of interest to be defined followed by a short click on the location ' s icon generated to get the popup bubble.

The useer can modify the names of existing communities with the exception of the "Public" community.

The "Public" community is the key community in which SMS based Places and Locations of the different solution above are received.

The popup bubble for each of the defined locations includes a "Settings" icon which links the user to the location credentials which the user needs to fill-in.


The basic information to fill-in for all solutions above are:

1. The locations ' s Title or Name

2. The locations ' s icon resentation from the drop down list 

3. The locations ' s Community assignment